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SolarCorner SOL-ALU rail for trapezoidal roof

This specially designed aluminium rail can take higher loads and bear up to very high wind factors, due to its innovative shape and design.

It also has the additional advantage of 2 inch clearance under the solar panels, to allow for better cooling of the system and can contribute an additional 3.6% to the lifelong performance of your power plant.


Product Description

SOL-NAVITAS is a European manufacturer of premium quality SOL-ALU aluminium mounting systems,

and has vast experience in solar project design, installation and maintenance.

Having signed up with SMS Metering Ltd- SolarCorner we are now in position to offer you these services for your particular solar power plant:

– preliminary designs

Рcomponent specification of panels, mounting system, inverters and connections 

– off grid system design

All you have to do is send us the basic information of your site, such as the location, size and power.

 SolarCorner SOL-ALU Catalogue


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