Sentinel Online Meter Reading Service

Web application for configuration and data retrieval from smart metering devices

Sentinel Online Meter Reading Service is a managed web application from SMS Metering for configuring and managing data retrieval from Iskra smart metering devices. Sentinel uses SMS messaging to remotely configure devices and set up an automatic data delivery schedules. There are a host of features and intelligent background services that make Sentinel a secure and reliable system for managing AMR from large numbers of smart metering devices.

User-friendly interface

The browser interface is tabulated into 3 logical areas, ‘Devices, ‘Metering Points’, and a ‘Communications Log’. These sections make it easy to monitor the status of devices and check the most recent meter reading at a glance.

Simple configuration process for installing new devices

The configuration process gives users a choice of preset data delivery schedules that aim to simplify the configuration process. Daily SMS read with half-hourly data, monthly reading, or hourly temperature monitoring. It can also be used as a platform for viewing meter data..

Email and FTP Export of CSV files

Automatic delivery of meter data can be delivered by either email or FTP ‘push’. A compressed ZIP file containing CSV files for all new meter data can be delivered once daily. Different CSV formats can be supported to ensure integration with customer systems for data processing.

Micro-Generation AMR

Using the latest generation of Iskra Electric Smart Meters as a generation meter, Sentinel can monitor precisely how much energy is being generated by a solar PV array. With a standard daily SMS read, Sentinel delivers invaluable information on energy generation and total meter readings that help maximise the return on investment from your micro-generation unit.