SMS Metering Partners

Iskraemeco                                                 Iskraemeco logo

Iskraemeco is a world leader in providing energy metering systems, with over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative new technologies. SMS is proud to be a reseller for Iskraemeco and works closely with Iskraemeco to deliver to customers a high quality and value for money metering system.

Iskraemeco (UK) Ltd
1010 Cambourne Business Park
Cambourne Cambridge
CB23 6DP


Sol-Navitas                         SolNavitas-logo2

Solar power plants are the future of energy generation. Sol-Navitas is one of the largest, professional and trust worthy partners in the field of solar power plant construction in Slovenia. They are specialists in project planning, erecting and maintaining complete systems in the field of photovoltaic with emphasis on durability, quality of build, using the best available materials available from world-renowned producers. They have partnered up with SMS Metering -SolarCorner to offer project Solar PV expertise for UK roof-top and ground-mount mid sized projects. 

These solar power plants provide the investor the highest rate of return on investment, lower the risk and ensure effective operation for  30 years plus. Over 100 solar power plants with total peak power exceeding 15 megawatts (MW).



Gazprom Global Energy Solutions      logo_gazprom

GGES offer a completely managed end to end automatic meter reading service using its own technology and integrated service solutions. GGES have developed their own equipment that complements SMS’s range of products to support AMR systems

Gazprom Global Energy Solutions Ltd
2nd Floor Castlefield House
48 Liverpool Road
M3 4SB


Schweizer AG                          logo_schweizer    

Schweizer is a professional manufacturer of  building construction materials and Solar understructures. It has acquired the HILTI Solar PV undertsructure systems for both Pitched Roof and East West Flat roof systems. It offers superb designs and exceptional quality and durability.

Ernst Schweizer AG, Metallbau
Bahnhofplatz 11
CH-8908 Hedingen

A-antennas                   aaclogosv2

A-antennas AB design and manufacture industry leading antennas for SMS Metering Ltd. They are a European leading manufacturer of wireless communication devices and a specialist for antennas used in smart metering systems. SMS metering has partnered with A-antennas to provide the best technical solution for AMR systems and to optimise signal strength on data loggers and smart meters.

A-antennas AB
Rallarvägen 41
SE-184 40