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External GSM Antennas

Using an external antenna will improve the GSM/GPRS signal quality to ensure reliable data transmission with smart meters and data loggers. This is recommended where the mobile network signal strength is marginal or poor. We use the highest quality antennas to ensure optimal signal strength improvement and long life of the antenna in all conditions.
Our range of antennas gives a choice of dB gain size so that you can opt for the most suitable antenna for your requirements.
Optimal signal improvement can be achieved by locating the antennas in high and open areas. Using an RG58 extension cable allows for greater flexibility when locating the antenna to maximise its effectiveness. When signal strength on a GSM device is increased then reliability of data transmission is greater, and therefore reduces communication costs by minimising data delivery retries.
Please note that all antennas will require an Antenna Coupler for connecting with Iskra smart meters and data loggers.

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