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ISKRA ME382 MID IDIS Smart Single-phase Meter with GSM Modem


Single-phase SMART ISKRA ME382 electricity meter, based on GSM/GPRS/UMTS communication provides the most reliable data transmission in smart residential and mid-size commercial environments. This future-proof investment includes:

  • IDIS interoperability – what does it mean…IDIS
  • Remote connection/disconnection
  • Multi-Energy management (gas, water, heat)
  • Extensive anti-tampering features
  • Customer port for in-house display (RJ11)
  • Secure communication with encryption and authentication
  • Photovoltaic friendly design
  • Integrated demand/response functions
  • DLMS protocol for easy integration
  • Import/Export Energy measurement
  • OFGEM approved


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Product Description


ISKRA ME382_SMS_Data Sheet

Youtube video; How to insert a SIM card:

Measurement features 

  • Two way („energy“) measurements
  • Active energy and power, 4Q Reactive energy & power, Apparent energy & power, Instantaneous value of voltage, Current, Power factor, Frequency and Power
  • Absolute measurement of active energy & power
  • Solar PV feed-in-tariff approved

Tariff functions 

  • Time-of-use (TOU) measurement of active energy and maximum demand (up to 8 tariffs, 12 seasons, 12 weekly programs, 16 masks, 16 switches)

Load profiles 

  • Two Load profiles with different daily and hourly registration periods with up to 32 objects
  • Four separate profiles for sub-metering (M-bus)
  • Seven separate Event logs for different objects


  • Full DLMS-COSEM and IEC 1107 compliance
  • Four independent communication interfaces:

– Optical port

– RJ11 (for in-house display)

– M-bus (wired)


Power quality 

  • Voltage sag, swell and cut, Daily peak and minimum, Voltage and current asymmetry, Power failure


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