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The ME372 and MT375 range of meters are advanced GSM integrated smart meters for load profiling and AMR. These meters are standalone units that communicate directly with the data collection facility using the mobile phone network. The method of communication across this infrastructure can be SMS (short messaging service), data call, or GPRS. Enabling the meters for remote communications is done by inserting a SIM card to into the modem enclosure in the meter.

The following GSM smart meters are available in a variety of configurations depending on the level of functionality required. The LCD screen can display total kWh readings for import and export energy flow directions, date and time, and other operational information. Additional metering points can be connected to M-Bus terminals, to enable load profiling for a near-by gas, water or secondary electricity meters.

The ME372 and MT375 have OFGEM and MID approval. The MT375 is CoP10, 5 and 3 approved.

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