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Product Description

GSM-SPY allows for verification of actual GSM signal strength in live circumstances and in actual location where a GSM/GPRS meter or logger is to be installed. It is best to measure the signal strength prior to installation, selecting the best spot to obtain maximum gain.

In case of low signal ( below 8 out of the 32 maximum)  an external antenna is recommended.

Also please note that in certain areas of very poor signal strength, where voice GPRS signal fails, an SMS message may still get through.


Position Identification Description
1 signal strength history measurements history

showed graphically

2 registration status Registration status of the


3 GSM network band 900/1800 MHz network


4 operator name Alpha numerical operator


5 battery voltage Battery voltage in mV
6 signal strength dBm Received signal strength

measured in dBm (also see 7)

7 signal strength CSQ Received signal strength

measured in CSQ – scaled dbm result

0: -113 dBm or less

1: -111 dbM

2…30: -109…-53dBm

31: -51dBm or greater

8 channel Base station channel which

GSM-SPY is registered to

9* Menu Command menu


For more details please download the GSM SPY User Manual.




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