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NN1 Flat Roof example


  • HILTI design, Schweizer made
  • highest power system in kWp on a given roof area
  • very quick installation
  • very high wind load
  • no roof penetration
  • low ballasted system for weaker roofs
  • we can help with your roof design and system layout
  • call for pricing



Northampton Example Project – Report


Product Description

The HILTI designed system manufactured by Schweizer in Switzerland is a superb Solar PV Flat Roof System that allows one to maximise the useful roof space to provide the most powerful plant in kW peak of generated energy. The design of this East-West 10 degree mounted system means that the maximum roof space is covered by modules, thus enabling approximately 39% more power in Kilo Watts then a classic south facing system at a 30 degree angle, which need huge spacing between rows, to avoid shadowing.

The precise technical design of this system and the wind tunnel testing conduced by Schweizer allows for much higher wind factor and lower ballasting with no roof penetration required, so the roof warranty may stay in tact. Have a look at this example and let us have your location details which will enable us to produce a more specific proposal.


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