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Smart Electronic Index for G4S Smart Gas Meter

Product Description

The G4S is the latest generation of smart meter for domestic and small commercial gas metering. The G4S utilises the smart electronic index, developed by SMS Metering. This solid state index is battery powered allowing for at least 15 years of life. The index has an LCD display, two function buttons, IR optical port and separate compartments for the communication module and battery. The electronic index is integrated onto a GWI G4/U6 gas meter, a reliable diaphragm meter widely used in the UK.

The modular communications and battery compartment allow for in-service replacement and installation of both components. A valve option can also be used for remote disconnection and connection of gas supply. It’s flexible and future proof design make the smart gas meter ready for market and adaptable to meet changing requirements with minimal cost and interruption.

Key features:

  • Designed in accordance with UK smart meter specifications
  • Available as standard front view index or top view index (TVI)
  • GWi hall effect sensor (patent pending)
  • In-service replacement of communications modem and/or battery
  • 15 year battery life and 30 day backup battery
  • Tamper proof features that send alarm message in event of meter interference and can automatically trigger gas valve closure
  • Remotely upgradeable firmware
  • Fully configurable recording of profile data, communication sessions, valve control, and security activities
  • Optional prepayment feature
  • Customer colour options for front cover



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