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logger installer tool

Logger Installer Tool


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Product Description

This windows application is for performing diagnostic checks and configuring registers on P2G and P2W data loggers. Installation of loggers is using a pre-prepared XML configuration file to write values into the logger’s registers, i.e. to set up data delivery schedules, wake up, and other settings.

Signal strength check can be used to wake up the GSM modem and gauge signal quality. This test allows the installer to optimize the position of the device to achieve best signal reception. An SMS is sent to the SIM phone number in the device to prove whether SMS transmissions can be successfully sent and received.

A cable connection check can also be done, to confirm to the installer that the logger device is recording pulses being emitted from the meter. It is crucial that this is carried out at the time of install to ensure a successful impulse connection is made to the metering point.

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